Environmental Law and Climate Change

A safe environment is vital to human existence. Hence, environmental compliance and liability issues are now part of everyday life for most businesses whether engaged in evidently hazardous activities or not. Likewise, developments in the climate change arena are raising new challenges for both the regulatory and business communities. Regulatory demands, however, continue to widen in response to increasingly international environmental concerns and throw up more and more compliance issues affecting both processes and products, as well as liability issues in business transactions. To steer successfully through this regulatory jungle requires specialist expertise on a global scale.

Black Rex Partners is a Premier Law Firm in these aspects in Nigeria and ensures Client compliance with regulatory issues as Environmental Impact Assessment among others.Our clients demand a commercial approach; lawyers with excellent legal skills, an appreciation of technical aspects within the dynamic regulatory and political context. We support our clients with the full range of regulatory, transactional, permit proceedings, due diligence investigations, project and contentious legal advice.

Our clients benefit from access to a multidisciplinary environment, health and safety and climate change team, bringing in experience from across the firm and providing creative, all encompassing solutions; experts dedicated to finding practical, innovative solutions to the complex challenges our clients face; experience advising a broad range of clients, from the largest global corporations, financiers and government agencies.